Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fog and pansies.....

It's still the middle of winter and cold, but we've had some lovely sunny days lately....a  wonderful respite from the rain and wind. Once the fog lifts it looks like it's going to be another lovely calm, blue sky day.

....we won't think about the clouds and rain that are supposed to come rolling in for the rest of the week!

The view this morning from my deck.

The pots of pansies I planted last week cheer up my little deck
I'm rather pleased I managed to take a photo of the cobwebs that have formed around the pot and little sculpture in the last photo. Actually I hadn't noticed them until I uploaded the photo onto this blog. But what perplexes me is that whenever I have tried to photograph some gorgeous webs in the past they haven't turned out...they've turned out blurry and ill-defined. And here...without trying I have captured one. Hmmm....

I hope your day is filled with sunshine too!
Jill xx

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  1. Those pinky pansies are unusual, shown in your big pot...it's nice to get sunny winter days...it's the white cloudy ones I don't like!